Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meeting: Thursday February 12th

Possible survey questions:

1. Why do you think poverty is sometimes looked down upon?
2. What is the face of poverty?
3. Would you be interested in learning more about poverty in our area?
4. What do you think the best way of learning more about the face of poverty: a) homeless night b)videos c) assemblies/guest speaker
5. What's your attitude towar poverty?
6. List a few adjectives of what you think poverty is.


  1. Remove #1 and rethink the answer you are looking for...numbers 5,6 are keepers-Maybe 1 and 6 can combine...what are some negative/positive beliefs and attitudes towards people living in poverty. Maybe combine 3 and 4...using the question word "how" would you like to learn more about poverty in our area...through a)movies b) guest speakers c)assemblies d)awareness activities like "homeless night". Reorder the questions so they flow into each other.
    Do we care what people see as the cause of poverty? or does that come out with our beliefs and attitude question? Other thoughts, from others?

  2. hee hee thanks :D
    and i'll try to get the "official" survey done this weekend!