Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A shout out!

Hey Oh! I am here after school for Wednesday and Thursday + of course the Thursday morning rumble!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Big Week!

Any all chances for folks to stay after school this week and next would be greatly appreciated
1. The Presentation Board
  • Data, data, data
  • What does the data tell us to do?
  • What we plan to do
2. Who is Adolfo Pérez Esquivel?
3. Coaster decorating
4. Circle Painting training!
Sending this all to you because you do check your email and you will then see this!
Spring has sprung!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hotel Room Reserved

Hotel Room is reserved. All the students in one room :) Same place as last year. About $30 per person. Meals included in our weekend program: all breakfast, all lunch and Dinner? Not the case. We will probably eat on the road up, pack a cooler of good food and have a pizza dinner Saturday night. So, maybe bring some dinero for the pizza and some incidental snacks that we don't bring on our own. I will bring the fruit and muffins. Oh, and the coffee...of course. Any other baked goods or snacky snacks for 5 member and 2 adults.

E-Alerts to members

Can someone? go under settings to email and then type in the members email address so everyone gets an update everytime someone posts? Is this for Miss Carlie, the BlogKeeperess? Also, needed: Char's email address too. I resent an invite to Leticia.

DATA Crunch...

We have our data...now we have to make sense of it. Get the local stats, compare with national stats and then...look at our local stats plus our own survey of attitudes and beliefs. Can anyone search netflix for poverty related films?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cirlce Painting for Peace March 26th

Check this site out for what will be happening on March 26th. Perhaps members of Diversity Club-including Sierra can be present this whole day to help the artist and learn the process to do again at another point for the Poverty Awareness Project. Just a thought. Great "clay day" today. We are in countdown mode. We may have to put in some after school crunch time after the play. Or before if possible.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

clay-day update!

Talked to Miss Holte on Thursday re: getting clay and other supplies from her. She said that that would be absolutely fine for us to come and use her room/supplies/clay next Friday, March 13th after school(early-release that day)! I think i repeadly asked her about the price, but she didn't say anything, so we'll just have to find out about that later! Let me know what you think!