Friday, January 16, 2009

PSA update!

Hullo fello friends!
As you all know, because of our most recent school closings, our most cherised
meeting was canceled on Thursday. So any whoolaggins, I just wanted to
update you, myself, re: our Public Service Announcement.
I spoke with the Larry Johnson himself (and yes many of you have even
watched from your own t.v!) and he told me a few things:

-15-30 seconds long
-We'd have to be a non-profit organization --(yes!)
-The announcment would have to be copied on a beta-sp, dvc-pro,
or a cd (possibly possibly possibly) for proper image/sound...
-Cannot garantee it to be aired/NO PROMISES, but we WOULD be
contacted if they liked it.
I told him about our goal:(to increase public awaremess: re local
poverty, ya know whether that may be through donating......) and
he thought it was good and uhhh...ya! that's about it.

**Oh! and just comment back if any ?'s!


  1. thanks Carlie for following through with that. It seems with all of this cold...we could do a blanket drive for the Salvation Army? Or, stay focused on the PSA. Any updates from Sierra?

  2. well...not that I know of, but the blanket drive for the Salvation Army sounds like a great idea! tell us more about what your thinking! :D

  3. Well, we have canned food drives...why not a blanket drive? And as far as helping local families...what more can we do as a group? The office staff have an inside track and without betraying privacy, perhaps we can do something more for those identified families? Maybe we can do something SPECIAL for the family who lost their house in a fire?

  4. i like the blanket drive idea. i was thinking each person in our group could set a goal of how much money they think they could "raise" for the kiva loan. and the school could have a hat day.
    will we be having a meeting this week?

  5. Sierra- we are having an "emergency" meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30. And of course our Thursday meeting 7 am...